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Balouria Baklava

Lightly baked shredded phyllo dough with chopped pistachios and lightly sweetened with honey and rosewater.

Chocolate Pecan Baklava

A large serving of baklava with its crispy and buttery goodness, filled with pecan and topped with chocolate. A local favorite.

Haystacks Baklava

This amazing dessert is made with roughly chopped walnuts and pistachio scented with rose water, cardamom and clove. Bathed in butter and simple sugar

Iraqi Birds Nest

Pistachios or Walnuts

Iraqi Fingers (Borma)

Traditional Iraqi baklava made with phyllo dough filled with honey and either Chocolate + Pecan, Pecan, Walnut, Cashew, Pistachio, or Almond

Kaab Al Ghazali (Doe Hooves) Baklava

A traditional Lebanese pastry made with a fluffy dough filled with honey and crushed pistachios.

Mini Rose Baklava

A traditional baklava filled with walnut rosewater and topped off with powdered pistachio.

Namoora Cakes

Called nammoura in Lebanon, basbousa in Egypt, and haressa in Syria and Palestine, this semolina sheet cake is often served throughout the Arab world and often during Eid Al-Fitr

Nutella Roll Baklava


Pistachio and Cherry Roll Baklava

A thick phyllo dough base topped with caramelized pistachio, chocolate and cherry

Traditional Arabic Baklava

Simply put, baklava at its purest. Traditional Arabic baklava filled with chopped, roasted pistachios or walnuts.

Turkish Roll Baklava

A truly unique baklava with dough infused with pistachio taking on a rich green color. A wonderful marriage of pistachio, ghee and love.

Turkish Sushi Baklava

Baklava made in the traditional Turkish style named sushi due to its resemblance to wrapped sushi. A lovely take on a traditional design

Warbat Baklava

One of our best sellers. A true fan favorite. This Lebanese pastry is made with a light dough filled with candied pistachios topped with rosewater and hibiscus.