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(314) 532-6508

8011 MacKenzie Rd, Affton, MO 63123

Welcome to Sedara Sweets and Ice Cream!

We are the original middle eastern café offering the largest selection of sweets, baklava, and Turkish Delight (Loqhum) in the St. Louis area.

Stop in today and enjoy some of our sweets, ice cream, coffee, tea, and other authentic Middle Eastern treats.

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The largest selection of Baklava & Turkish Delight in St. Louis!

ice cream

Hand Dipped, Old Fashioned Cedar Crest Ice Cream in 20 delicious flavors.
Enjoy a scoop in a cup or waffle cone, and it pairs well with baklava!

Coffee, TEA & Espresso

Arabic Tea & Coffee + other hot & cold favorites to complement our baked goods.

  • Great place! Had hot and iced coffee both very well made and tasty. We tried the chocolate pecan baklava and it was delicious! Great atmosphere will be back to try the various ice cream flavors!

    William Vallellanes Avatar William Vallellanes

    Love the coffee and baklava. My son hits the ice cream pretty hard and husband likes the gummy thingies i can't remember the name of. They are always kind and courteous.

    Carol Boss (CarolBossArt) Avatar Carol Boss (CarolBossArt)

    I love all the baklava! The place is elegant and clean. Would definitely come back again.

    Irish Racion Avatar Irish Racion
  • Unique Turkisk dessert shop. Also have ice cream. Their specialty is different types and flavors of baklava. Lots of pastries with honey, pistachio, other nuts, and pomegranate. Great decor as well. Will be back.

    Barry G Avatar Barry G

    Super cute space! Lots of selections of ice cream. Took home to bundles of baklava! Staff was super friendly and helpful. My 11 year old was undecided and she let him taste test a couple to help make his decision. The small bowls of ice cream were quite large and exactly what we needed.

    Jessica Gross Avatar Jessica Gross

    Amazing sweets! I haven't seen this variety of baklava since EPCOT. We got the $29.99 box and fit a nice assortment of desserts to try. We'll definitely be back with friends!

    Cindy La Avatar Cindy La
  • The baklava was delicious! Sam N is very friendly & helpful! The group before us had several questions about the desserts & he was so kind and patient.

    Ines Kladnjakovic Avatar Ines Kladnjakovic

    When I saw Sedaras was going to open I admittedly got excited. I always get excited when Affton gets a cool new business. Sedara has amazing Middle Eastern baklava and other sweets. They also have ice cream, delicious Turkish coffee, and the seating area is very nice if you want to stay and eat/drink your treats. I recently took my mom to Sedara. She loved everything as much as I do. 10/10 will return, would recommend!

    Amy Gee Avatar Amy Gee

    Great selection of baklava and Turkish sweets. We also had a couple of great Turkish coffees. Ice cream selection is good also, if fairly standard.

    Stewart Drolet Avatar Stewart Drolet
  • Found this place pretty much randomly while driving. Tried their baklavas and ice cream. Both are great. Especially the variety and freshness of baklavas are main reasons for me to be revisiting Sedara again. Nice interior design. Don’t forget to have your discount coupon to be used at your next visit. Great service and welcoming place to have a coffee and sweet! Thanks

    Gokhan Egilmez Avatar Gokhan Egilmez

    Had several pistachio treats and they were so good. Went back the very next day for more. They were so nice too

    Becky Snella Day Avatar Becky Snella Day

    Very friendly service and nice ambiance. I will be making this a regular stop when I'm in the neighborhood. The sweats are delicious and accessible to anyone with a remotely diverse palette. The savories are also delicious. We found them to be a perfect fusion of middle eastern food with an american twist. Great coffee.

    James Germain Avatar James Germain
  • Every piece of Turkish delights I've tried from there have been nothing but amazing! Fantastic assortment of baklava as well. Love this place

    Brett Bertschinger Avatar Brett Bertschinger

    I have to admit the ice cream is what caught our eye after going to Mike's Italian beef next door. Well we did get the ice cream. We also walked away with a number of traditional Middle East desserts. All of the desserts we got were delicious, including the baklava and the harissa cake. I also got some kind of Iraqi bird nest that involved filo dough and a big pile of pistachios. The only thing I wish is that they had the price is posted of what you were choosing but rest assured nothing is overly expensive. I think the most I paid was $3 for one thing. Pick out anything from the counter and surely you will enjoy it. Be adventurous. You can never go wrong with baklava.

    Nathan Powers Avatar Nathan Powers

    A true gem! Huge selection of sweets. Everything I've tried so far is excellent. Their kanafeh is my favorite. Nice, clean and neat place. Staff is very friendly. Can't give any less than 5 stars

    Vin Miller Avatar Vin Miller
  • So far, the best baklava in st. Louis. The hay stacks are soo good. The baklava is not completely soaked in honey which I found to be a positive. The layers are crispy, moist and full of flaky goodness. The Turkish delights are chewy and lightly flavored. I'm absolutley in love with this yummy land of baklava and delights!

    Kris Lugosi Avatar Kris Lugosi

    Great Baklava. The best I have had in Saint Louis

    Sahar Abdellatif Avatar Sahar Abdellatif

    Who EVER gives this place less than 5 stars and doesn't like the ice cream or complains about the ice cream, are just a punch of dopes....and that's all I got to say about that. The Superman ice cream is the best. I haven't tasted the other ones, but I will because I'm sure there just as good.

    Yasmany Correa Avatar Yasmany Correa
  • I have always loved Turkish Delights, but never strayed far from the basic flavors. I have also always loved the taste and concept of baklava, but I am not a fan of nuts in baked goods, so I could never get past that texture. Enter Sedara. I have never, literally never, enjoyed baklava before this place. I could eat an entire sheet pan of their different baklavas. It's like I didn't know baklava could exist like this. Also, I got the widest array of lokum and Turkish Delights and every.single.piece. is amazing. We had Turkish coffee and sat and chatted for a couple of hours. They were steadily busy, the young man behind the counter was always patient and willing to answer questions. I left planning my next trip back. Please support this awesome business!

    Karen Mohan Avatar Karen Mohan

    This place is delicious!! Probably the best baklava I've ever had. I live about 30 minutes from here but the drive is worth it. I've only been twice, but both times the food has been delicious and fresh, and the staff is so friendly and helpful - fantastic customer service!! And the pricing is good too! Great variety of baklava and Turkish delights - haven't tried the ice cream yet but that also looks good. I'll try it next time, because I'll definitely be going back! Can't recommend this place enough.

    Jocelyn Lane Avatar Jocelyn Lane

    Great ice cream and such a cute spot, definitely reccomend!

    kaylee matthews Avatar kaylee matthews
  • Cozy spot for delicious middle-eastern desserts and ice cream.

    Aaron Rose Avatar Aaron Rose

    friendly people,clean place that have sweets,coffee,non alcoholic drinks, icecream and sandwiches. Go there and see it, and tast it yourself.

    Mirnes MireBa Avatar Mirnes MireBa

    This was such a sleeper hit! My wife and I were heading to DQ, but then she changed her mind and wanted to try this place. It was amazing! The selection was so vast! I had no idea baklava could be served in so many forms. The loqhum (which I would describe as a sweet and heavy gummie) was a first for me, but it is so good! Exactly sweet enough, and portioned in two bites (don't recommend single biting these). Then, we got some ice cream (still, lots of choices) to eat there, and I was glad too. The atmosphere was so comfortable and the cushions felt so good to sit in and lean against. Not a lot of table space, but it is better for the times we are in now. Most, and best, of all, the guy behind the counter was amazingly helpful. He knew so much and helped guide our way through the large selection without feeling like we were getting pitched what to order. He definitely gave us everything we needed to hear to be confident that, even though we had never had any of this before, we were confident that we would enjoy our selection of Turkish delights. If you want something sweet, not expensive, and new for your pallet, then please give this place your time. I really doubt that you will regret any choice you make here. Next time we go, my wife is going to try their fresh pressed coffee and I am getting a fresh smoothie.

    Old Batman Avatar Old Batman
  • Good ice cream. Limited flavors though.

    karen barnes Avatar karen barnes

    Amazing baklava!!! And the staff is always so nice!!! I love going here

    Laura Delgado Avatar Laura Delgado

    The ice cream is so good I especially love the pirate one is so good.

    Izzy Marzs Avatar Izzy Marzs
  • Hidden gem. The young man that helped us was great. Thank You Sir.

    Angela Walker Avatar Angela Walker

    I would sell my husband’s soul to be able to eat here everyday.

    Bethany Dubuque Avatar Bethany Dubuque

    walked there with my friend, we got the ice cream and a few baklava/turkish delight. very good stuff, the ice cream was very good and the delight was amazing for the price.

    Aidan Kleinhenz Avatar Aidan Kleinhenz

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